SINCE 1991
Welcome to The Peninsula’s Original Grill-At-Your-Table, All-You-Can-Eat, BBQ house. We use wood charcoal, not gas to enhance the flavors of meat and seafood.
Take your pick from an array of marinated non-spicy or spicy; chicken, pork, sliced rib-eye; non-marinated fresh top blade steak, pork belly, shrimp, mussels, and seafood; Kalbi, our signature bone-in short ribs, and over 10 different traditional Korean side dishes “banchans” and salads.

Covid-19 Notice

Due to the recent pandemic there have been many inconsistencies in the quality, price, and availability of meat and ingredients we use to offer in our pre-Covid AYCE menu. At Seoul Kalbi, quality and value is what we strive to offer our guests. The owners have partnered with local ranchers and producers to procure the best grade of beef we can offer at the best “All-You-Can-Eat” price. The current AYCE menu now available for dine-in, features ranch to table American Wagyu Beef from Masami Ranch, Heritage Pork Belly, and seafood from local purveyors.
Having top grade meat grilled over real mesquite charcoal is what sets us apart from other Korean BBQ restaurants. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our patrons we are limited in our seating capacity, therefore, reservations are strongly encouraged. Book now. We look forward to you grilling with you!

Established in 1991.
In Korea, friends and family gathering around a BBQ to grill and eat together is a cultural tradition. To fill a void left by the lack of Korean BBQ restaurants in San Mateo County, the original owner established, Seoul Kalbi Korean BBQ in 1991. Tried and true, fresh and authentic, our signature items – recipes that Mrs. Kim perfected over several decades – remains unchanged.While we continue in the tradition we also introduce new additions and global flavors for everyone to enjoy.
Meet the Owner

In 2017, the previous owner of Seoul Kalbi Korean BBQ – Mr. Kim – revealed his plans to retire and close the restaurant while sharing a bottle of Soju (Korean Wine) with Drew, a long-time patron. Having been a caterer, and a charcoal grill enthusiast, Drew offered to take over and keep the business going. The main challenge of keeping the flavors and recipes authentic was not a problem when Mrs. Kim, the heart and soul of every dish, met Drew’s wife, Kerry. They had an immediate connection for food, family, and hospitality. For months, the Kim’s trained Drew and Kerry as if they were their own kids, passing on secret recipes to the next generation.

Today, Drew and Kerry are keeping things classic, while working to enhance quality and atmosphere. Mr. Kim plays golf while Mrs. Kim enjoys her leisurely time and often drops by the restaurant to check on things.

We Cater!

Click here to place a catering order through our partner EZCater. For special events or planned parties of any size please call us directly at 650-583-0702, or email Seoul Kalbi, to speak to our catering manager.

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Our online ordering hours are Wednesday through Sunday 4:00pm to 8:00pm.
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